I currently work as a strategic adviser and head of people operations for Airtreks, helping build a world class company devoted to promoting transformative travel. I’ve written about the Airtreks distributed culture.

Previously I've worked as a professional video game designer, real estate developer, fashion model, technical project manager, and backend web producer in an IPO company. I attended Stanford University for college. Cathedral in El Paso, Texas for high school and 9 years of school at Casa Colegio Montessori in Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico.

I'm active in the Montessori community in Portland and have 2 kids in Montessori school. I play lunchtime sports regularly alternating soccer and ultimate with swimming and kettlebells.

My dream project is to create universal access to practical life skills.

My LinkedIn profile is updated and includes my email address. I also maintain a Twitter account. I live in Portland, Oregon with my family.


“All work is noble; the only ignoble thing is to live without working.”

— Maria Montessori