Activities for Kids in Southwest Portland (2-5 years old)


u-Pick fruit and vegetables 
* Sauvie Island Farms - biggest selection of vegetables, fruits and flowers * Morning Shade Farms - biggest selection of blueberries (stop at Fir Point farms bakery for food and play area with petting zoo) * Bella Organic - many berries and petting animals. grill. * Unger Farms - Open 2-4 weeks for strawberry season. Amazing taste and picking. Has lovely cafe on the water and playground.

Geocaching - hundreds of spots around Portland. Hard for 3-4 year old to be patient while you look, though. Typically takes 30 minutes.

Washington Park Playground - 
huge playground. crowded but worth it. If sunny.

Zoo - be ready to walk a lot. Take a stroller. No good food options. Has a giant sandbox.


Children's Museum - 
Fantastic. Near perfect for all 1-5 yr olds. I have been over 80 times. Cafe has kale and quinoa dish. Beware of special events; they target older kids. Membership.

Local library - 
All have kids sections. Washington County libraries also lend games. Beverton is big, but crowded and has game computers at kid level hard to avoid.

Powells Books - 
Cedar Hills location. Feels different than a library. The mall also has a small play area for 1-4 year olds and a paint your pottery place.

Washington Square Mall - 
Large play area for kids 1-4 years old. Free. A little wild.

Has areas for all ages. Gets crowded on Sat. Restaurant is good. Membership.

Pump It Up Jr. - 
bouncy castles, wear long sleeves and pants to avoid burns. Old, dirty, unsupervised but cheap and fun. 2-4 years. Groupon. For 4-7 year olds try Pump it Up Beaverton. Cleaner and bigger. Check schedule.

Ride the MAX downtown and walk around.

Visit your neighbors - 
use or just bump into other families and invite them over.

Life of Pie Pizzaria - 
$6 pizza. Ask for dough to play. Kids can serve self and pack it up. Kale or ceasar salad. Loud and far but delicious. Neighborhood goats 3 blocks away you can feed with quarters.

Playground Gym - 
wonderful physical play. check schedule.

The Circuit Bouldering Gym - Tigard site has 2 slides. I would try once at age 3 to see how it goes. Planet Granite downtown is amazing. It has bouldering. They rent harnesses for the rope climbs to kids 35 pounds and up.

Cornell Nursery - 
pay $1 feed chickens. see many plants. Sells insects. Eat edibles if in season.

Whole Foods, Trader Joes and New Seasons all have little shopping carts. Some have kids free fruit. Use a list if you need focus.