How Do I Manage a Project?

While I'm on sabbatical, I thought it would be fun to put myself out there on Upwork to see if I can pick up some projects as a freelancer. I have used the platform as a client and had good experiences.

I just applied for my first project. I didn't know you can accumulate (or pay for) tokens to apply for jobs. That's interesting! Who would have thought of that before launching -- to create a currency for job applications?

It seems like the kind of thing you discover out of necessity as you go. I'm glad Upwork is trying new things.

The project is looking for a project coordinator. It asked the question, "How do you successfully execute a project?"

Here is my answer:

  1. Understand deeply: the desired outcome from all stakeholders. The available assets to accomplish it. The constraints. I focus most on meeting the needs and wants of the stakeholders.

  2. Understand what Cynefin quadrant I'm working in. EG, should we act first and then figure out what's going on; or plan first, then act

  3. Make strong relationships with anyone (or anything) needed for success.

  4. Delegate as much as I can to people better and less expensive than I am.

  5. Work my butt off. Don't multi-task task. Stay focused on this project and over-deliver.

  6. Do what is necessary in terms of process and communication in order to over-deliver.

  7. One of my strengths is improvisation. I have enough experience that I can arrive on the scene, build situational awareness and then start self-organizing the group